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Anushri Mangaldeep

Anushri Mangaldeep planed to come up with a new fruity range for their incense sticks in the market. Their main objective was to enhance the aesthetics of existing
system & bring clear differentiation between existing & new products.


Work done for:


Lokusdesign (Pitch)



all pack.jpg

"Fragrances that help you connect with God!"

Value for money brand with refreshing, sweet & aromatic
fragrances, who were willing
to explore the non-conventional
route for the Indian market. 


The Mandala Concept

The active colours, green and yellow, along with their tints bring out the refreshing aspect of the designs used as per the fruit fragrance. 

Mandala is the spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, representing the universe, hence has been incorporated with slight transparency in the background, along with imagery for each flavour.

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