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Effingut 2 Go Brewerkz

Effingut, a well-established brand in India has launched a takeaway/sit-out bar
during the pandemic. A young, strong & energetic vibe for a brand that is bold
& innovative for young customers, but also reliable for more mature audiences.


Identity, Packaging
& Merchandise.

Work done for:

Lokusdesign, Pune




“A man who lies about beer makes enemies.”

The logo is a balance of a well-established mascot & lettering to keep the connectivity with the original brand. Each merchandise has been curated for the target audience with the brand language intact throughout.

Beer Cap Mockup-Recovered.jpg

A correct balance of being mature yet young!

all packaging.jpg

The Packaging

Like the rest of the brand language, the packaging was also designed keeping in mind the bold, energetic tone & a good balance of photography along with typography complemented by bright colour tones making it eye-catchy on shelves for their microwavable starters and main course. 

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