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Plantaway Foods

Plantaway is a one-stop shop for all Plant Based Food needs that aims to be kinder
to humans, animals & our planet. It came into being with its enormous range of plant-based food range curated specially to cater to & nurture your well-being.


Brand Manual

Work done for:

Beyondesign, Mumbai



Plantaway_Product Brochure_Final-01.jpg

"This was no ordinary vegan brand.!"

A wide range of products from meats to dairy and condiments has to be designed in a way
so it looks cohesive yet each product is easily identifiable. A brand language was created that was easily adaptable and can be taken across packaging to print and digital.

Plantaway_Product Brochure_Final-03.jpg

The Packaging

Keeping the brand colours to a minimum and highlighting the product name supported with image for each product was the way forward for
this brand. A typography-based design with clean hierarchy of elements and a thought-through layout designed to stand out off the shelf.

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