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Mahindra Group

Mahindra Saboro offers a wide range of fruits, one of them being grapes which are exported in various parts of Asia and Europe. They wanted to change the face of the brand keeping the goodwill attached to its original brand.


Packaging &
Print Design

Work done for:

Lokusdesigns, Pune



Outdoor Advertising03.jpg

The outer shape on the label was derived by the flowing typography of the logo. It was supposed to be a packaging for the regular and premium target group.

Taking the yellow brand colour ahead with a bright palette, we will be emphasizing on the richness and quality of the brand. The use of the dramatic silk element along with beautiful imagery reflects the exquisiteness of the fruits, making the product tempting enough on the shelf. 

Green Puncnet Mock.png

Regular Label

An opaque, photography-based label, along with a classy gradient as per contrast and balance required with the photograph.

Green Punnet cMock.png

Premium Label

A half transparent typography based label is a more premium grapes label, handpicked from all over India. 

Thoughtfully Picked

Brought to you from carefully selected orchardswhere grapes are lovingly & passionately grown.

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