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The Yatra Project

Heritage India and Art2Day joined hands together to come up with an exclusive series
of lecture and activities named as ‘The Yatra Project’, A journey to know your roots.
The project started with the intention to understand heritage in the company of experts
as it is our common responsibility which should be carried forward to the next generations.


Work done for:

Identity, Posters

Studiomars, Pune



18x24 Grid Poster Mockup For Branding.jpg

"We believe Heritage is our common responsibility and we should understand it in the company of experts to carry it forward for the next generation" - Art2day

This project was meant to be transported by acclaimed and experienced experts in the fields of history, culture, archaeology, art and more, as they take you on an incredible journey of discovery and exploration, hence the name YATRA (journey).

Yatra Project copy-02.png

The Logo

This being a regional project, the typeface and colours were chosen as per the location, a very traditional and earthy logo, and the letter "Y" in a regional language forming a simple yet eye-catchy logo.

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