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Zama Organics

'Zama' means tranquillity in Sanskrit. This was reflected in their ethos - to nurture peace in the body and mind by way of clean eating. And they are directly connected to impact the lives of thousands of passionate farmers and artisans who are committed to growing and making quality produce.


Packaging Design

Work done for:

Beyondesign, Mumbai




"Let's be kind to our bodies, community, & our planet."

A sketched farm scene was what the team decided to work with to show purity and the farm-to-table ideology the brand was aiming to endorse.


The Packaging

The packaging was clean, and grid-based that covered all the important aspects of the Front
of the Pack. Colour-coding the products with a warm earthy palette was the key to bring in the memory factor with a minimal, bold and contemporary approach to the food packaging that was carried forward to all of their categories.

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